You are God’s Masterpiece, woven indispensably into His Master Plan.

“For We are God’s handiwork (masterpiece, workmanship) created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” Ephesians 2:10


It’s a beautiful world.

Images of it’s original glory can still be seen in all of creation.

Check out this view on our way to YMCA of the Rockies, Colorado Leadership Training.

Or this beautiful view of the mountains which surround the YMCA











You can see it in people too, like this gorgeous crew below

Car Selfie number one

Or this other half driving yup to Estes Park in the other car.
And this other half driving up to Estes Park in the other car.











But then something went wrong.  Even though we can see reflections of the original glory in both people and nature,


Something terrible and tragic happened.

The devil spoiled it, introducing sin, and luring people away from the beauty that is God.  Every step away from God is a step away from all we value, beauty, courage, goodness, fruit, joy…in essence life.

But what the Devil didn’t know is that God had a master plan, from before the creation of everything.

In this strange but beautiful plan, God Himself in all his transcendence, would lay aside this transcendence, this form of deity without laying aside His actual Deity.  That’s impossible of course, well for anyone except a truly transcendent God I suppose.  Anyway, most of you know the story (and if you don’t you should look it up.  John’s Gospel is a great place to start.) and know that by becoming mortal He was able to die, and in dying able to conquer death, returning to life and victory.  Somehow this act was on our behalf and becomes something that we can claim for ourselves and in the process we are pardoned and welcomed into Heaven. Although we seek necessarily to explain it, scripture doesn’t spend a lot of time trying to do that.  It tells us what happened but not how it works.

It’s, as Aslan says in the The Lion the Witch and The Wardrobe,  Deeper Magic, unknown even to other spiritual forces, part of God’s Masterplan.

But it’s even bigger than that,

Turns out, not only were we pardoned, but we were raised to new life, not only forgiven our sins but we were made Holy, given the righteousness of Christ, cleansed to Holiness and righteousness.  A new creature, different than we were.  Where the old one was worthy of condemnation, the new one is worthy of Heavenly citizenship.  This is an amazing truth and spreading this message with clarity, while encouraging people to live in a manner worthy is at least in part why I am newly committed to doing the Hidden Life Conference as frequently as possible (as God provides).

But it’s even bigger than that!

In Ephesians and Romans 8, Paul gives us a glimpse into something mind-blowingly large, so huge it tempts to swamp us in it’s importance.  Turns out not just us but the entire universe is being redeemed through this Gospel, this Master Plan.   the more you read about this, the larger it feels.  It would be tempting to feel insignificant,almost irrelevant if it weren’t for the amazing verse above and others like it which reveal the amazing truth that we are not incidental but crucial to this Master Plan.  We are first fruits, heirs of this new universe.  The angels look on in amazement at our redemption and all it heralds.  And for some crazy wacky, God-only-knows reason, God chooses to make us active participants in this process.  Much talk is made of the church in Ephesians and it’s role in the grand redemptive plan.

That’s the amazing context of the verse above.  Our salvation is by the Grace of God alone, not by anything we’ve done with no room for boasting, but as part of our redemption, God remade us with unique anointing, gifts, and power which uniquely match the good works God wants done.  The good works may seem mundane or special, but truth is all of them are special and we are specially equipped for them.

The Gospel (God’s Master Plan) is much bigger than you thought, about so much more than just you…and yet you are woven indispensably into its unfolding Purpose.

Once upon a time it was impossible to think small about the Gospel of jesus Christ, I suppose.  But for the church in America, where Christmas and Easter are kids stories and the idea of God becoming man is seen as only a metaphor for our own potential, we have learned to think too small.  The Gospel is more beautiful, more majestic, more amazing and full of life than we have learned to believe.

That’s why I’m here.

I mean here, in Estes Park, literally.  I’m here to walk in the Good works God has prepared me for.  I’m here to blow the minds of college students and staff alike if God so wills it.  I’m here to stretch their thinking, and increase their faith.  I’m here, hoping God will grant just a taste of Awe to the hearers as I share God’s word.

I am grateful to be here.  Thanks to John Dragge and Great Commission who make this possible for these students each year, and who made it possible for my family to enjoy such a beautiful and fun environment.

Here's my beautiful family in a beautiful lodge, all except the most beautiful who's taking the picture.
Here’s my beautiful family in a beautiful lodge, all except the most beautiful who’s taking the picture.

Let’s change the world: Faith Launcher project day two

‘For the next month, you can expect to frequently see me share the following link.  ( It’s at the bottom of the page too.  

It’s my “kickstarter” like project, Faith Launcher, where I’m hoping that Crowd funding is a tool God wants to use to expand the impact and possibilities through the Conferences I do.

Both Conferences are designed to help people understand their own stories in view of the bigger story, to see that the Gospel is still their life and to encourage them to live in the same manner in which they came to Know Christ.  By faith, grace, hope and joy.

By investing in this project you become part of this exciting ministry, investing in the lives of people.

1) Invest what you can, what you feel lead to.  Please feel free to accept any reward you are offered.  It’s a small token of my gratitude, and you can bless others by giving it away even if you already own one.

2) Share the project with everyone and anyone who might be interested in also investing in the lives of others.

3) Don’t wait.  The project only lasts another 40-50 days.  The opportunity is now.  the moment is here.  Thanks for prayerfully considering it.

Thanks so much to those who have given and shared the link.  Currently it’s been shared on Facebook over 24 times.  Thank you thank you thank you!

Ok, here’s the link.

Click here to help me blow some minds with God’s amazing Grace.

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