Wrapping up some previous posts

First, I noticed today that chick-Fil-A has ended the countdown and you can make reservations for a free spicy chicken biscuit.  Based on both my previous experiences with their reservations, and my own bold adventure to achieve the tasty spicy chicken biscuit early, I say go for it!

Second, currently the results of my Christmas special survey are as follows:

Out of 9 respondents,

There was one vote each for Charlie Brown and Miracle on 34th.

There were two votes each for White Christmas and It’s a wonderful life.

However, with Three votes, the winner is “Christmas Carol, Any version.”  I suppose the “any version” gave it a distinct advantage.  No reason you can’t still make your pick and change the winner .

And finally the answers to the Christmas Triva are  now in the comments section of the trivia link.

If I don’t see you before, have a great New Year!

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