What do Star Wars, Sherlock Holmes, Charlotte’s Web and A Christmas Carol have in common?

Seven Inescapable Themes

That’s what not only those four stories, but in fact, many many other popular books, movies, stories have.  Beyond those example of stories which have all seven themes, I argue that every story contains at least one of these themes and thus they are the Seven Themes You Can’t Escape.

Whether or not you agree with this theory, you can have fun with it.  My friends and family have found that looking for, discussing and arguing about these themes has enhanced their enjoyment of these stories.  My new book teaches you how to play this game, and think differently bout the stories you cherish.

I’m excited that this book will be available in just a few weeks.  At the end of this post I’ll explain how you can preorder a copy and receive a gift in the process.

It’s an eventful few weeks and there are also a few other exciting events I want to invite you join as well.

  1. My new online store will be open in the next few weeks as well.  You’ll be able to buy books, studies, conference registrations, Ort and Dullman merchandise all at discounts over the other marketplaces where thee are available.  I’ll be able to offer bundles, coupons, even free offerings when and how I’d like.  This will be a boon to both me and you.
  2. Many of you know that I’ve recently released my new audiobook for A Little Serial in the Morning, but you may not be aware that right now The Hidden Life is also being recorded by a fantastic reader and I’m excited to announce that will also be released by the beginning of June!  This is my keystone book, its message central to much of the Discipleship Matters ministry and I know that there are many who will listen to it who have not had a chance to read it.
  3. I’ve created a new page,Click here for Seven Themes group for discussions of the Seven Themes.  Just visit it and request entrance and we’ll discuss the Seven Themes in popular culture.  Do this before you read the book, or after you read the book.  The page itself will introduce you to the themes and I’ll post discussion prompts regularly.  Who knows, it’s possible, if you’re quick that your discussion may make it into the final draft in the last days of the books prep?


You can pre-order the Seven Themes book now!  I don’t have a link because my store’s not up and it’s not yet on Amazon (the whole point of pre-order) but what I can do is accept your intention as a pre-order.  You don’t need to pay any money now, but by letting me know of your intention to order the book when it comes out, a few things happen for you.  

  1. You get a discount from the cheapest price available when it does come out. It will be 9.99 on Amazon and 8.99 in my store.  You will get it for 7.99, just by letting me know before June  1 that you want a copy.   
  2. You get a free copy of my new audiobook A Little Serial in the Morning.    

If you ultimately decide not to buy the book, you keep A Little Serial with my thanks for your intention and no harm no foul.  So, all I need you to do to preorder is leave me a comment here, or on any of the parallel Facebook posts and I’ll put you on the list for a discounted copy.  Within 24 hours of your comment, I’ll send you your redemption code of A Little Serial and that’s how you’ll know you’re on the list.

I really think you’ll enjoy this book and thanks for supporting Discipleship Matters!

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