We publish tonight: your chance to win.

A Christmas Puzzle, a collaboration with my daughter and your chance to win a very cool prize is almost here. . Now I am doing the final edits and this includes removing hints and clues that make it to easy, and perhaps adding a few to make it less hard. Trying for that perfect balance.

So here’s how it works:

Tonight we publish. It takes kindle about a day to publish, iBooks about the same and Barnes and nobles last time took four weeks. So aside from the Nook owners you will have it available in just a day or two.

Tomorrow you buy the book. I will sell it as cheaply as possible to give as many people as possible the best chance. (It depends on how long the book turns out to be.) It’s a great gift to go with that new kindle, iPad, or Nook you are giving or getting for Christmas!

Over the Christmas break, You read the book. First you laugh, cry and change your life due to the impact of the stories…well ok, perhaps not. I trust you will be amused at least and most importantly…

You solve the puzzle. On Christmas day you visit this blog at the page referenced in the book, to receive final rules and a hint or two for the puzzle. Then

You be the first to solve the puzzle and win a prize guaranteed to be worth 100 dollars monetary value, but in other ways priceless and timeless. And, if a lot of books sell, I will put more money into the prize, increasing its value.

Do it for the fun of it, do it for the bragging rights, or do it for the prize. But don’t miss it! Subscribe to this blog and be among the first to know when the book is out!

P.s. Otis and Merlot make an appearance for fans of my previous book (a little serial in the morning).

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