The following is not in any way modified or enhanced.  It really went just like this.

Josiah:  Hey Dad.  Come see the towel in the hallway.

Me: (walking to the hallway) Why is there a towel in the hallway.

Josiah:  I put it there.

Me:  Why is the floor wet?  Why is the towel wet?

Josiah:  Cause I spilled too much water.

Me:  How did you spill water?  What was it?  A cup or what?

Josiah:  A cup from the kitchen.

Me:  How did you spill it?

Josiah:  I was spinning in circles and I accidentally spilled it.

Me:  What?!  You were spinning in circles holding an open cup of water?  Why were you doing that.

wait for it…

Josiah:  Because I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to.



  1. Um, right. I’ve had those moments myself- As if you had to list every possible silly/careless/foolish/dangerous thing your child could do and say “Don’t do that” ahead of time. Yikes-like, “Don’t shoot food off your spoon at the ceiling.” Right.

  2. Oh where would we be without those cute little bundles of joy that God gives us to raise. I am so glad that mine are grown.

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