Two Giveaways and a secret entry

Giveaway 1(ooo)

Over at my sister-in-law’s useful, practical, and entertaining blog, she’s celebrating her 1000th post!  That’s a whole lotta posts!

One of the things she’s giving away is a copy of my Hidden Life book, but also a plethora of other things!

You should go over to her page (you can click where it says “Useful, practical, and entertaining blog” above) and enter.  It’s easy to do and if you get an extra entry just for being a fan of Pastormac’s Facebook page (if you are.)


Giveaway 2

On my Facebook page, there is a question asking what your favorite TV Show is.  If you answer this and get the most likes you will receive a free Kindle copy of my sister in laws book as well as an advance copy of my new book, Seven inescapable themes!


The Secret Entry

Also on my Facebook page is a poll about The Stolen Man.  Vote in this Poll and I’lll give you an extra entry into this second giveaway.  Only Readers of this blog will even know about that extra entry.


The Super Super Secret giveaway

If you subscribe to my email link above in the next three days, you will be entered for a super secret giveaway contest which will only be announced via the email newsletter to come!


Have fun!

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