Tune up Tuesday: Coming Attractions

Good Morning!

How are you doing?  I hope you are doing well.  Excluding my short contest cypher and my regular podcast, it’s been awhile since I”ve posted here on the Blog.  I am eager to catch you all up and am ready to get back in the Blog saddle, as it were.  That’s a very mixed metaphor and if you’re wondering exactly what a Blog saddle is, I’m with you.  For me it’s probably the edge of my bed at the edge of night or wee hours of the morning, if it indicates my usual blogging position.

Anyway, I wanted to take a moment, to let  you know what the coming attractions will look like.

Each week, I’ll have a couple of regular articles/blogs and this is what they will look like.

Searching for Church:  Sundays

Although we’ve found a very good church in Paragon, the deeper pilgrimage continues.  I’ve grown increasingly concerned that the structure we’ve become accustomed to as church going Christians is no longer sustainable in our culture.  Two things I’m not saying: 1) that the Church is not sustainable and must be abandoned, and 2) that I have any anger, disdain or scorn for the churches as they currently exist.  On the contrary I have a high regard for the work Pastor’s do and spend much of my time supporting such work. What I am saying is that ti’s important we separate what culture defines as Church and what God defines as church; what is negotiable and what is truly sacred.  I’m beginning an experiment with Paragon’s blessing under the Baptist banner and I’d love to explore some of this experiment and these ideas with you every Sunday on this Blog.Maybe together we can discover the power of this God ordained, Christ-led institution which even the Gates of Hell can not withstand.

Tune Up Tuesday

My Blog needs a tune up in lots of little ways, but most notably (for me anyway) I have a number of stories, articles, lists and so on which never quite got completed.  For example, I only gave you 8 of my ten ways to avoid reading scripture and we are just a couple of chapters short of completing the Stolen Man.  Perhaps you didn’t notice, but Tuesdays will be the day to catch up on whatever remains unfinished.

Whatever Wednesday

Wednesdays will be for a lighter touch, puzzles, contests, games, jokes, humorous articles, and what I’ve often called Ponderings.  Whatever comes to mind.  Whatever I want.  Whatever Wednesdays.  Maybe it could even be you.  Want to write a guest article…whatever.

Serial Saturday

We’ll be bringing back my Saturday Serial story blogs.  In the last week I had a couple of people who had picked up a copy of my book, “A little Serial in the Morning”
tell me how much they enjoyed the read and the format.  It was enough to want me to re-engage in the challenge and practice of writing a piece of an ongoing serial story each week.

The Journey Podcast

Don’t forget that each week (now that I”m caught up on this) we publish a new episode of our Journey Podcast.  The Journey is a Chronological Study through scripture which is nearing it’s closure on November 16.  We will start over again on January 4 with Genesis.  If you can join us each week at Paragon Church on Monday nights, we’d love to have you.  It’s a multi=denominational event with representatives from at least three different churches each week.  Not only do you not have to be connected to Paragon, but the majority of those who come, actually are not Paragoners.  You don’t have to be willing to share my faith even!  You just have to be interested in taking the journey through the text and words of scripture with us.  You are cordially invited to our party on November 16th or just join us in January, or frankly any time you want; even this Monday as we explore Revelation 15.

Anyway, it’s great to see you all again, and I look forward to the time we’re spending together.

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