To find life…

Here’s some of the most highlighted quotes by Kindle readers of the Hidden Life. (Highlighted by 5 or more readers)

Faith is about submission and trust, not about will and determination.

Grace does not come and go. It is not a reward for good deeds. It is not withdrawn as a punishment. It is part of God. It exists always and nothing you do can diminish or enlarge this aspect of God’s character.


In an effort to protect God, many people will dismiss the struggles and tension in someone’s life and offer simple, even (sometimes) irrelevant answers. The irony is that this teaches people not to trust God more, but to believe that their situation is truly unique, untouchable by God.


To find life in this area, to reach the promised land, we have to be willing to give up what looks like life and accept what looks like death.


The Christian life is not about doing good and avoiding evil. It’s about believing God. Certainly if we obey God perfectly we will by definition be doing good and avoiding evil, but the problem is that the ability to determine good and evil is a burden we were never intended to carry and it’s frankly one we stink at.


The bottom line is over time we begin to believe, almost without noticing it, that God is a harsh master who cheats.

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