Serial Saturday: The Stolen Man, the end of the Beginning

S.M. Table of Contents


The Beginning: Episode 1-7

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but to you these are worth much more than that…and you know words.

The relief you feel is enormous. You are not crazy. You still have no memory of who you truly are, but you are not crazy.

“It’s real. It’s all real. But how?” you are talking out loud, a habit you realize is part of whoever you are.

“Troy, my boy.” You look up to see Dan’s face in the monitor on the dresser.

“Dan! Did you give me these pictures?”

“You like p-p-p-pictures?”

“Of course! ‘Don’t forget your coat, It might look good on a goat, but he might eat the locket which you carry in your pocket.’ Who are you?”

“Diamond Dan the stolen man…”

“Yeah, you can stop the rhyming thing. I know it’s just a cover.”

“Not a c-c-c-cover, a c-c-c-ure.”

“A cure? You stutter unless you rhyme?”

“Every sentence I utter, I rhyme or I stutter. Just one of the tricks suggested by Six.”


“Sexton’s just a game, Six is his name.”

“So he is Six. Maybe we’re both crazy. Diamond rooms, brainwashing and a villain who calls himself Six?! This is the weirdest day I’ve ever had.”

“How w-w-w-ould you know?” Dan smiles at you through the monitor.

“So, you’re like me? You don’t remember who you are?”

“That’s not my line, I remember fine. It’s completely rotten, but it’s everyone else who’s forgotten. I’ve j-j-j-ust got to prove it.


“Hall 76, right? The diamond m-m-machine. We’re going to f-f-f-find it. Tonight.”

Dan holds up a set of keys so you can see them in the monitor.

This concludes part one: The Beginning.

Part Two:  The Escape, begins here.


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