The Power of the Santa Beard

A friend of mine challenged me to let my beard grow for November.  Lots of my friends are doing it for different reasons.  Mostly I’m unsure if there really is one central reason or cause or group.  I did it as a lark and to prove that I grow a beard very quickly.  Then I kept doing it because I discovered the power of the Santa beard.


Maybe it was because it was coming in so much whiter than I remembered it being years ago.  Maybe it was because of the season, or perhaps it is because we are wearing red at the Apple Store these days in honor of the season, but it occurred to me that I was in fact growing a pretty decent set of Santa Whiskers.  The true magic of the Santa beard became apparent though in how certain people began to treat me nicely, even generously.  Specifically in food establishments, and in regards to small drinks.

First it happened at a Wendy’s restaurant when they gave me a small soda for free.  Free!  How strange, I thought.  The Power of the Santa Beard.

It happened again this Morning.  While getting my wife a Mcondald’s Coffee I noticed I was charged only 75 cents, rather than the usual dollar.

Looking at my receipt I noticed that it said I got the Santa Coffee.  The power of the Santa Beard.  Well, actually it said, “Senior” coffee, but I know what they meant because I am only 45.

See, the power of the Santa Beard.

Ho. Ho. Ho.

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