The final night of Colorado LT (for me)

The LTers themselves stay for several more weeks, as it’s a summer long Leadership Training.  They will hear from many great speakers, but it was a lot of fun to hang out with them for the last few days, to challenge their thinking and stretch their faith.

We talked about God’s Master Plan.  In many ways this is the final teaching in the new conference, Finding Your Story, and it deals specifically with our important part in God’s incredible Master Plan.


In forty five minutes we outlined the entire book of Ephesians.  Not exactly something I’d recommend as a habit for young teachers, but it seemed to resonate with these guys.  IN some ways it was a trial run of the last session of my new Finding Your Story conference.  (Debuting as a 6 week study at Paragon Church and in it’s conference form at RWCC in September.)

All in all, it was a great week.

On Tuesday I spoke about Spiritual Gifts, and I played them two movie clips.  One was the X-Men trailer, but the other was this clip below.  It’s in the second half of this two minute clip when he describes how running could be part of God’s will to someone who doesn’t yet get it.

This is descriptive of how a week of teaching feels to me.  To see the lightbulbs turn on, to see the “aha” moments.  To see scripture take on life and meaning to these young believers.  To see them reach of the challenge, to get to pray with them as they reach for faith,to help them begin to discover their own story in the Light of God’s; I feel His pleasure when I teach.

Paul say he felt compelled to preach; I feel the same way.   It was a privilege and an honor to connect with eager, seeking believers.

Thanks to John Dragge for arranging a mini vacation for my family and an opportunity for me to serve with him in this way.  Thanks to our good friends, Karen and Lou, who made it possible for us to take our whole family Thanks to the LT young Men and women for their excellence, hospitality and eagerness to grow and serve.  Thanks to my readers for their prayers.

Of course I do all this because I believe it genuinely makes a difference in the lives of believers, and therefore in equipping them to serve and build the church up to be the multi faced diamond like reflection of God’s glory that Ephesians promises.  IF you haven’t yet, don’t forget to check out the faith launcher project and grab your opportunity to support this work.  Only 36 days left! 

On Thursday Night we made it rain.  Just a reminder of how the church can reflect the manifold wisdom of God where one person cannot!



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