Struggling pastors, and those who love them, help is on the way!

Hello Faithful Blog Community,

So between moving my oldest daughter to Minnesota (not that I actually physically moved her), multiple surgeries on multiple family members(not that I actually performed said surgeries), launching a new larger fruit at the fruit stand where I work part time, and continuing to work to book conferences and progress on my new books, it’s been far too long since I said hello!

So,  Hello!

Things continue to take shape from my end in regards to the Hidden Life Conferences and ministries.  Last week I debuted my brand new conference, “Finding Your Story.”  It was a lot of fun, and I look forward to making a few small improvements and revisiting it the first weekend in October in Missouri.

To catch you up on the rest of the direction, God is moving I want to encourage you to watch the video below.  It’s just a little more than ten minutes of your time, but it does provide both an opportunity and a clarification of just what I’ve been spending my time doing.  After you watch it, you will likely think of someone who you want to pass it on too.  Please do so.  Let’s spread the word.

Pastors across this country, pastors you know are struggling on the verge of throwing in the towel and you can actually help.  We can help together.  Among other things you’ll hear in this video a call to join my prayer network to pray for these pastors and their churches.  I’ve set a goal of 1000 people to be part of this prayer chain.  Would you consider helping out?

Check out the video.  Thanks!



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