Stanzas, part 2

The sestet is a 6 line stanza
Where it pays to gently form your plans a
difficult form to get your Word’s worth
even though of lines there is no mere dirth
but if of change you are big fans a
change in scheme might bring you more mirth

If you ask me for a seven rhyme lyric
I’m afraid I’ll just say No Sir!
Such form’s too lofty and I fear it
For King’s and men like Chaucer
Such skill I do not foster
To this form for those quite loyal
It’s scottish and is called Rhyme Royal

The Eight line poem is insecure
As part of cazonetta or sonnet
but by itself it could be sure
and you can rely upon it
A simple scheme of ABAB
can lead you safely through
as simple as candy from a baby
or something more tricky will also do.

Next week, the Spenserian sonnet (Nine,) and the rest of the lines up to a 14 lines sonnet.

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