Serial Saturday: The Stolen Man, Episode 2-6

The Stolen Man:  Escape, Episode 2-6

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Meanwhile in another corner of the world, a corner of which you are completely unaware, someone is thinking about you.

Lorelei is sitting on the edge of her bed, still dressed in her one piece outfit.  She holds a manilla envelope in her hand.  The outside of the envelope has a note, handwritten in a hand you would recognize if you saw it…and could remember.   But at this moment neither is true; you are instead concerned with your sudden deafness and any talk of manila envelopes would not interest you much at all even though it probably should.  Of course if you could actually hear such talk, then it would interest you greatly by virtue of being the only thing you could hear, because, at this moment, as Lorelei looks over the writing on the envelope, you, in another corner of the world, can hear nothing,

If you were aware of her activities, which you are not, and if you cared at all about envelopes, which you do not, and if you recognized the handwriting on the envelope, which you probably wouldn’t, you would know that she was reading the following:

“Congratulations.  Everyone agreed you passed the challenges with flying colors.  Level 9 was sad about their Sentinel, but your ingenuity in finding a replacement was admired,  even if it was a bit short-sighted.  Your assignment is in the envelope.  You know what to do.”

If you were not suffering your own personal hell of silence, feeling the rising tide of panic, cowering in a stairwell,  looking to Dan for help right at this moment, you might have heard Lorelei laugh in that way that has begun to both seduce and annoy you and then say to herself, “I always know what to do Mr 6, bossman.”

Even if you weren’t feeling your own particular anxiety you might find yourself feeling a little unease as Lorelei opens the envelope and pulls out a large  picture of you.  Although you would likely be pleased to see how handsome you look in the expensive suit and relieved to see how confident and controlled you look at this particular uncertain time of your life, you would also be likely at least a little distressed to see the possible hint of cruelty or at least disdain in your eyes, the turn of your mouth.  But most of all you would be at least a little anxious that your picture is in an envelope being opened by Lorelei who “knows what to do.”

Lorelei doesn’t look uneasy at all.  In fact she laughs.

But this is all in another corner of the world, a corner of which you are completely unaware, where someone is thinking about you.

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    1. Thanks Joshua. I’m hoping that doesn’t mean you frequently have to read my posts twice for comprehension!

      1. I should have clarified. I read a lot of emails written (less cleverly) in a similar style. Those usually take several readings and sometimes several rounds of questions to figure out. I love this series. I’m excited to continue following it.

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