Serial Saturday: The Stolen Man, Episode 6-2

The Stolen Man, Victory  Episode 6-2

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I want to implore you, as the risk of enticing you instead, not to read this section unless you’ve read the rest of the story.  Revelations are beginning to unfold and the big one that unfolds here, will ruin your experience entirely if you read it too early.  The other episodes are short.  It will not take you long to get back to here.  So start at the Table of contents with your earliest unread episode and go from there.  It would be a mistake to jump to the answers that you really don’t yet want…and come to think of it makes you quite a bit like Troy to boot.

Maybe it’s being back at Sunnyvale, maybe it’s just the dormant synapses learning to fire again, but sitting down in Six’s office produces another memory flash.

You are sitting in the diamond machine as before, but by your posture you can tell it’s earlier, before anything was done to you.  You look confident, cocky even.  Seven is standing over you, talking.

“…very confused Troy.  You still can’t see what you’ve done.”

“And just what would that be, you think I’ve done?”

“Where are they Troy?”

“Reassigned.  That’s all.  Better for everyone this way.  It’s what they wanted.”

“And the others?  What do you think Dan does with the others?”

“How would I know?  That’s not my job.”

“You know Troy.  You can’t see what’s happening right in front of you.”

“Well, now that you may be right about.”

Six interrupts your memory.  He is looking quizzically at you from over his desk.


“It’s coming back to me now.”

“Is it now?  Are you sure you want it to?”

“I’ve a feeling you don’t.”

Six laughs, “Maybe our goals aren’t so different”

“You tried to take my life from me!”

“You gave it to me.”

“What?  You expect me to believe that?”

“You tell me Troy.  Is that the truth?”

“It can’t be, but…”

“You’ve only been in my office for a few minutes, Troy.  Dan, Lorelei, Helen, none of the rest of it happened.”

“What?  But how do you even…”

“Helen’s my wife, Troy.”

“what?!  What are you…”

“Come on Troy.  Don’t guess.  Use your magic.  I’ll make it easy.  You’ve been here for a few minutes.  You’ve been here for a few days.  Come On Troy.  Which is it?  What’s true and what’s a lie?”

“Why can’t I tell?  When you talk, I can’t tell.”

“Helen’s your wife.  Helen’s Dan’s wife.  Helen is Seven’s wife.  Come on Troy.  Tell me, what’s the truth?”

“I don’t know.  Why don’t I know?”

You’re Troy.”

“That’s true, I …”

“You’re not Troy.  You’re a pink elephant.”

“Obviously you are lying, but…”

Six stands up towering over you, angry, like in your visions,”What’s the truth Troy?  Who are you?”

“I, I don’t know.  I mean,”

“You don’t want to know.  That’s why you came back here to me.  You came back to the one person who has always been able to lie with impunity.”

“How?  Why?”

“Because I own you.”

“I worked for you.”

“Did you?”

“Why can’t I remember you?”

“Can’t you?”

“Only in the diamond room.  Before that—nothing.”  You shake your head.  So much is clear, so much you remember.  Why not Six?

“I’ve always been with you.”

“You did this to me.  I know that.  Was it because I quit?”

“You’ve got it backwards.”

“What do you mean?”

“Forgetting was the way you tried to quit…and yet here we are, together again.”

“I did this?”

“Together you and me.  Always together.”

“I don’t understand.”

Lorelei’s voice behind you startles you, “Six.”

Turning, you see Lorelei standing in the doorway, but she appears to be looking directly at you, but of course she is addressing the doctor behind you.  When he doesn’t answer you turn back to look at him, but he’s just smiling his smug smile, saying nothing.

Lorelei repeats herself, “Six.  Welcome back.”

She’s still looking right at you. When no one responds again, she, still looking at you, says, “Ok, Troy then.  are we on a first name basis now?  I just assumed now that your memory had returned you wanted to go back to your numerical moniker, Six.”

“I’m six?  But Six , six did this to me. He’s in charge of stealing lives.”

“Yes indeed.  True on both counts.  Welcome back, Six.”

None of it makes sense, but one thing is certain.

Lorelei is telling you the truth.


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