Serial Saturday: The Stolen Man, episode 5-6

The Stolen Man: Endgame?  Episode 5-6

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The clock on the dashboard remains lit for a few moments after you turn off the engine.  You stare at it distantly.  You were excited to get home, but now that you are here, you are hesitating, and you’re not sure why.  You are muttering to yourself, a bad habit, you know, but it helps you think to hear your own voice,

“Ok, if I could just remember some of the missing pieces…Helen is my wife…I do love her…but something happened after the miscarriage…that’s where it gets a little fuzzy…ok, so stop muttering to yourself already and get out of the car.  She’ll just be glad to know you remember her…won’t she?”

As you approach the house you are suddenly flooded with a new wave of memories, Seven reciting the list of names again, names which, you realize, mean mostly nothing to you.  Nor can you remember why Seven is reciting them.  You dodge a boy on a tricycle as you cross your driveway.  You reach out to stroke his head, a strange gesture, but he’s not there.  No boy.  No tricycle.  A random memory.

By the time you reach the door you are feeling a little confused, a lot less confident and the jubilant reunion you expected is not quite unfolding.

Helen looks worried as she answers the door, “Troy?” she says tentatively.

“Yes,”  you say, “I am Troy.”

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