Serial Saturday: The Stolen Man, episode 5-5

I have a confession to make.  I messed up.  Not a major mess up.  A relatively small one, but one I can’t just let stand.  In the last episode, as it originally stood (for those of you who get it via email it’s the only one you have.) Troy has arrived at his house.  However, I forgot that I have a necessary scene before he arrives at home, in Six’s office.  So I’ve since edited that last episode to indicate that he has not, in fact arrived at home, but is still in Sunnyvale and is only in Six’s office (a necessary detour as you’ll see, before arriving home.)  I just didn’t want you early adopters to be confused.  And now without further ado, episode 5-5

The Stolen Man:  Endgame?  Episode 5-5

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Six is surprised to see you enter his office,



“Can I get you something?  Is there something you need?”

“I’ve come for my ID…and my car keys if you have them.”

Six smiles at you,  “So, when did you remember?”

You are surprised he seems plesed, rather than distressed, or afraid.

“Yeah, I remember.  And as soon as I get things settled with Helen, you and I have some settling up to do ourselves.”

“I’m not sure what you mean, really, but I am delighted you remember Helen.  I don’t know what happened in the last few minutes. Maybe it was the shock of seeing your room again.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Well, you must admit, it’s the quickest cure on record.  I only just left you, a confused memory stricken individual and here you are, not- “Six looks at his watch-“five minutes later.”

“No.  I know you now.  You deal in confusion.  I may not have all my memory back, but enough to know you did this to me.  Now give me my ID.”

Six smiles, reaches into a drawer and hands you a wallet and a set of car keys, “Your car is parked in the usual place.”

You are feeling extremely annoyed that he is behaving so calmly, cheerfully even.

“We’re not done here.” you say grabbing your items and walking out the door.

“I don’t think so either.  Troy, one question.”

“How did I know you’ve have my ID?  I just remembered.”

“No, Why did I have your ID?  and your car keys for that matter?”

“You took them.”

Six laughs, “No, Troy.  You gave them to me.”

You refuse to be goaded any further.  Leaving his office makes you feel immediately better. You’ll be back later, but now…  it’s time to go see Helen…to go home.


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