Serial Saturday: The Stolen Man, episode 5-4

The Stolen Man: Endgame?  Episode 5-4

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It’s exhilarating to remember.

First it’s just the mere fact of moving from confusion to certainty.  Helen is your wife, you are Troy. You are not an investment banker or “moneyman”, but Helen actually doesn’t know that.  You are an interrogator of sorts and you do have an uncanny auditory memory, which allows you to hear when people are lying.

It started as a natural gift, but you turned it into a science, enhancing your abilities through technology.  You created the diamond machine, you remember with a shock.  You created it, but it was being misused somehow, for purposes you’d never intended.  Misused by Six.

You shake your head almost laughing, at how smoothly they had you fighting to believe the lie that you were not Troy.

It all seems to be coming back now, and with it comes a sense of confidence, of knowing yourself, of confidence.  There’s still a lot you don’t remember, but you’re pretty confident it’s going to return soon.  You suspect there’s nothing truly important you’ve forgotten at this point.  You suspect wrong, but of course you don’t know that.

Neither do you realize that Lorelei and Dan are, right this moment, as you ride the elevator downward, wondering themselves, just what you still don’t remember.

“He remembers then. He remembers me. He remembers you too?” Lorelei is asking, but no matter how good your hearing, you can’t hear this being behind several meters of concrete and over a significant distance.

“Some.  He remembers when we were friends,” replies Dan truthfully, although you are unable to detect if he’s lying because you are nowhere near hearing it.

“Does he remember what you do?”

“I think so.”

“Does he remember about Six?”

“No,” says Dan, in an answer which would disturb you if you heard it because it is both true and surprising.  Six is one person you are pretty sure you remember quite clearly.  But then this is one of three very important things you’ve still forgotten, but of which you are blissfully unaware.

“Does he know why?”


“Do you?”

“I already told you, No!”

“Alright, alright relax broom boy.  I’m just checking.”

Lorelei pauses than asks, “Does he remember Dan?”

Dan just stares at her, saying nothing as you walk into the door of Six’s office.


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