Serial Saturday: The Stolen Man, Episode 5-3

The Stolen Man: Endgame?  Episode 5-3

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Confidence, clarity, a sense of purpose, of identity.  It’s not all back, but it’s coming, you can feel it.  Dan, Lorelei, Helen.  Most of all Helen.  Your remember them all: Who they are to you, and at least some of their actions, many of the events of the last 24 hours, begin to make sense.

You stand from the chair and Dan visibly backs away.  it’s a response you are used to seeing and it pleases you, and then it doesn’t.  Your feelings are mixed.  There is a great comfort and courage in knowing your self again, knowing your context and surroundings, but when it comes to Troy, apparently to know him is not always to love him.

“You lied to me.”

Dan almost, but not quite, cowers.  He is clearly nervous about your next move.  This is interesting because you know your next move has little to do with him.  His fear is still not clear to you.  What are you still not remembering?  You continue,

“Helen is my wife.”

“You remember.”

“The stutter, the rhyming?  We were friends.  but you lied to me.”

“You remember everything?”

“Mostly…You lied to me.”

“But Six…”

“Right, you and six together.  But why?”

“You remember Six doing this to you?”

“Yeah, that’s the one part I”ve always remembered.  I just don’t get your part in this.”

Dan stands up straighter, moves toward you, extends a hand toward you, hand open, like a sign of friendship or peace.

“Troy, listen.  Six and I are definitely not working together.”  His smile, not manic now, is beginning to return. and it annoys you, but his words are without deceit.

You nod, “that’s true, but Seven…” Looking around you notice that Seven is gone.  But he was here, right?  He was reciting names.  No that’s not right, that was a dream or a memory.  But he was here. He touched your hand.

Dan comes closer, lays a hand on your shoulder, “The brain is still a bit buggy, huh?  There is no Seven.  And if you think Six and I were working together, you don’t remember as much as you think.”

“I remember Helen.  I remember us.  You lied to me.  You’re still lying to me.”

“Look, Troy, I can’t explain it right now.  Go home to Helen first.  She’ll be relieved.  Go. Go.”

“We’re not done here.”

“Yes sir.”

Dan doesn’t seem to be mocking you and you move to the door.  Opening it you see Lorelei standing on the other side.  She smiles her peculiar smile when she sees you and you return it warmly.

“Lorie!  You’re not trying to kill me, are you?”

“Slaughter the Golden Goose!.  Why would I do that?  I’m here to protect you.”

“Well that won’t be necessary now.  I’ve got lost of questions for you too, but right now I’ve got to get home to Helen.”

“Helen?  So she is your wife?”

“That’s right.  You really didn’t know.”

“Not even that your name was Troy.  Only your number.”

“That’s right.  My number!  What is…”

Better get going Troy.  Helen’s waiting.”  Dan has followed you to the door with these words.

You consider arguing, but in truth you do want to see Helen.  You do love her.  It’s been hard, but you were starting to make a go of it again.  Besides you have something important to tell her.  You pause.  You still don’t know what that is, but you are feeling confident it’s coming back.  Either way it doesn’t matter, you do want to see her.

“Go, “continues Dan, “I promise I’ll explain it later.  We’re friends like you said.  You remember that don’t you.  You can trust me.”

“We were friends.  But, why did you lie to me?”

Dan doesn’t answer.  You nod, and run off the door.  You’re going home to your wife.


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