Serial Saturday: The Stolen Man, Episode 3-6

The Stolen Man:  Law of the Land, Episode 3-6

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Six is yelling at you, “Who are you really?  Tell us who you are!  How did you get here?”

“I have no idea.  Am I really here?”

Six laughs with no warmth.

“You’re not Troy, at least that’s what you tell us.  So maybe you’re not really here either.”

“I’m not Troy.  Who am I?”

“Are you asking the questions now?”

The world doesn’t flip, there is no blackout, but suddenly you are standing looking down at Six as he sits in the chair.  Six is laughing with a sneer and seems to be mocking you as he says, “Where time is it?”

You ask the next questions before you even realize what you are saying, “”Who are you really?  Tell me who you are?  How did I get here?”

Six laughs again, “You know who I am.  You would remember, but you don’t want to.”

“Who am I?”

Six turns serious, takes on what you’ve come to think of as his Dr Sexton tone, all anger gone, speaking evenly now, reasonably, “You’re the metaphor, Troy.  You’re one big metaphor.  Poised between good and evil, right and wrong.  You couldn’t decide who was your master, so you tried to bow out of the game. “

“You’re talking nonsense.”


“You did something to me on this machine.”

“Not really.  You did it to yourself.”

“This is still a dream, it’s gotta be.”

Six shrugs, and then as if considering it, nods slowly, “Could be.  Maybe this is all your subconscious wrestling with the truth. Maybe it’s the only way you can accept it.”

“What’s the answer then?  Who’s making this happen.  How does it stop.  How do I get back home?”

Six glances in the direction of seven and laughs.

You glance at Seven, who stands in the corner watching.  Does he look concerned?  Maybe but still he does nothing. You turn to speak to Him and the pain in your hand flares up, sending sparks of electricity through your body and seemingly out your eyes, as all you can see now bright points of light dancing painfully in front of your gaze.

As you collapse to your knees in pain the white lights grow brighter and bigger, and something else, flashes, images, incongruous, irrelevant images.

Helen holding a baby

A boy on a tricycle.

Seven is reaching down to you to help you up…or is that another image?

Seven reaching down to the boy on the tricycle.

A screeching noise and a bright flash of light.

This time when the world flips, nothing replaces it.  It’s as if the white has swallowed up everything else.  NO floor, no ceiling, no machine, no background, nothing.  Just you sitting on nothing, surrounded by nothing.  No pain in your hand or your head.  That’s a relief. A hand reaches down to you out of the white, as you look up you see.  It’s Seven.  Nothing else appears, just the old man, hand extended offering to help you up.

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