Serial Saturday: The Stolen Man, episode 3-3

The Stolen Man:  Law of the Land, Episode 3-3

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You stare at Helen, at the figure in the bed, then back to Helen.   You are waiting for  the figure in the bed.  You are waiting to see if it will get up, as you remember doing just-when was it-yesterday morning?  The figure in the bed doesn’t move, so finally you decide that everyone is waiting for you, so you speak, “What’s going on?”

Helen repeats herself, still not looking at either you, the one in the bed or the one standing,. “Troy!  Come on.  I don’t want to be late for the doctor’s appointment.”

“Am I back at the beginning?”

Helen turns at looks right at you, the standing you, not the sleeping you, “Is that the game you think we’re playing?  No Troy, this is not science fiction, you’ve not traveled back in time.  At least not physically.”

“Am I not here then physically?”

“That’s it Troy.  It’s all a dream.  The good news is you should be able to figure out the rules now, because you made them.  None of this is real.  You are the fixed point in this universe.”

“I’m dreaming? “

Helen looks towards the bed.

“Is that…”

Helen half smiles and turns back to the bureau, “Troy, come on! You’re going to be late.  We can’t afford another sick day.  You know  that.”

The shape in the bed stirs.  You lean in closer to see , waiting to hear the line your perfect auditory memory tells you is coming.  You mutter the words to yourself now, and because you do, you are unsure if the figure in the bed mutters it simultaneously or not,

“Weird Dreams.”

The World flips, the blackness descends but you continue to hear Helen’s voice, “Troy!  Troy!  Troy!”

The world rights itself again, and this time, for the first time since you left Lorelei’s room, the world seems to completely right itself.  The queasy feeling is dissipating and your head seems to be clearing.  You are sitting in a bed.  Not the bed at Troy’s home, but your room in Sunnyvale.

The woman standing at the foot of the bed calling your name is not Helen  She cocks her head slightly sideways, laughs and says, ”That stuff will certainly shake up your beauty sleep!  So Daddy Warbucks, did you dream you were one of the little people.”


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