Serial Saturday: Stolen Man, Episode 1-4

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The Beginning, Episode 1-4

Six is sitting at his desk.  You remind yourself that his name is Dr. Sexton, not six, but he’s got the same self-satisfied smile, the same smug arrogance that is all you can remember about him outside of the dream…and you hate him.

You are standing in front of the couch across from him.  You tried sitting, but it felt wrong and you immediately stood up.  He seems content to sit and chat while you stand, and that works for you.

Oddly he didn’t react much when you first came in.  He simply nodded and greeted you.  The conversation so far had been mundane.  It all seemed so normal it frightened you.

“So, where’s Helen now?”  Six was saying.  Dr. Sexton was saying.

“I don’t know.  Sh went home…to her house…I guess.”

“She didn’t want to be here?  With her husband?”

“I’m not…”  You stop yourself.  You promised to try.  “I didn’t want her here.”

“Really?  Why not?”

“I don’t know what her part in this is.”   You can feel the  “Yang” in your pocket.  Or is it the “Yin?”

You continue, “I don’t know if I can trust her or not, but I think she believes I’m her husband.  I don’t want to hurt her.”

“Because of your delusion?”

“Because of the truth!”

“Troy, you told me she explained.  The diamond room, the Yin-Yang, it’s all part of the life you don’t want to remember, but it is your life.”

“I want to see hall 76.”


“76.  That’s where the real diamond room is.  That’s where the machine is.  If it’s all a delusion, then show me hall 76.  Show me that it’s normal.”

“I’d love to Troy, but there is no hall 76.  More likely 76 also bears some relationship to the night of the break, just like the Diamond room and the Yin-Yang symbol.”

“It’s a nice try, Doctor.”  You are trying to inject as much sarcasm into the word as you can, but he doesn’t react.  “But I remember.  And that’s why I’m really here isn’t it?  Not to help me remember but to help me forget.  Forget you, and that other guy, the one I keep seeing.”

“You keep seeing someone Troy?  Tell me about it, about him?”

“I don’t keep ‘seeing’ him.”

“So, you’re worried about someone you’re not seeing?”

“Words.  Don’t play words with me, Doctor.”  There is a distinct sound of menace in your voice you don’t like, but unfortunately recognize.

“No, of course not.  Not with you.  Words are your specialty.”  What the heck does that mean?  Is he mocking you?  He’s smiling, but there’s no warmth in it.  At least not to you.

He turns serious, “Listen Troy.  No one made you forget. You wanted to forget.”

“I want to remember!”

“No, you don’t.  I helped you remember before.  Now you want to forget again, so I’m the enemy.  My therapy brought you healing and now you’ve twisted it so it appears to you to be the cause of your pain…and in a way it was.  What you wanted to forget, what you’ve forgotten again, was more painful than you are willing to deal with.”

“If you’ve got nothing to hide, then let me look around.”

“Of course.  I’ll take you on a tour myself.  You’ll see that hall 76 does not exist.  And perhaps it will jog some real memories.  After all, this was your home for almost a month.”

“You’re serious?  You’ll let me see everything?”

“Of course, Troy.  I’ve nothing to hide.  We won’t go in actual patients’ rooms, but you’ll be able to see that none of the halls are labeled with a 76.”

You hadn’t expected this.  Once again you are sounding crazy to yourself while others are sounding reasonable.

Dr.  Sexton stand up and walks around the desk, “Each hallway is labeled for the floor it’s on–Level 1 through level 9.  Come on, let’s look around.”

You turn and walk toward the door.  You are surprised to find it unlocked.  You turn back to look at Dr. Sexton.  He’s picking up your coat which you left on the sofa and he chuckles,

“Troy, no one is trying to lock you in.  It’s all quite voluntary.  Look around.  If you have any doubts, you can go.  On the other hand, if there is a slightest chance that I am telling the truth, you may decide to stay.   If you do stay, I can help you remember all of it.  Helen, your work, all the important things you’ve forgotten.”

Important.  There was something important.

Ring, ring.

Something important you have to tell someone.

Ring, ring.

Dr. Sexton hands you your coat and turns to answer the phone on his desk.

“I’ll meet you in the hallway, Troy.  I have to get this.”

You are still trying to remember something important as you step into the hallway and only half paying attention which is why your coat catches on the door and prevents it from closing entirely and that is likely the only reason you hear as Dr. Sexton answers the phone,

“This is Six.”

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