Reel Theology: Academy award contest!

It’s time to win!

As I posted earlier (here), it’s that time of year for the Pastormac Annual Seven Themes Sermon and Oscar contest.  Well, Sunday are the academy awards, so without further ado, here are the contests and rules

Four Contests!  

1) Predict the Oscars:

a. Go to this link and print or save the ballot.

b. Make your predictions on who will win Sunday Night at the awards ceremony

c. Email your predictions as an attachment or in the body of an email to by Sunday March 2, before 1:00pm Mountain time.

d.  Here’s my magic formula for grading: The Big Six (Picture, actor, actress, supporting actor and actress, director) are worth five points each.  All the others are worth 2 points each.  If you get all of the Big Six you get an extra 12 points.  You get an extra point for getting both Original Song and Original Score.  You also get an extra point for getting both Animated and Live Action short.  That’s a total of 98 possible if you get every single prediction correctly

e. To get the full 100, you should know you also get 1 point for putting your name on your ballot and/or email somewhere.

f. You also get one point for subscribing to the RSS feed for “Movie reviews” on the blog.

g. The prize will be two movie tickets (or a gift card equivalent).

2) Predict which Ringer will win it all!

I have invited two ringers, my two most frequent winners from previous Oscar contests:  My brother Andrew Megill and my friend Connor Bradley.  I expect these two to be unbeatable, (except by each others) so if you beat both of them I will give you an extra prize.  A gift certificate from here

3) Predict the Ringers:

Predict whether Andrew or Connor will come out on top and what the winning point value will be.  In the case of a tie, predict also the points spread between Connor and Andrew. Prize will be one movie ticket/gift card

4) Predict my guesses.

Unlike my two ringers, I will post my predictions here online saturday night.  By commenting on that blog before the Academy awards begin, if you can predict how well I will do (what my points will be) you win this contest.  I am typically not very good. Prize will be movie theater candy from here

Note:  I was originally going to have a “predict weird things” at the Oscars contest, but since I will not be able to view the Oscars and will, instead be teaching the youth at Harvest Time Bible Church in Illinois, I have decided not to include this contest.  My daughter offered to monitor it, but It got to complicate for me to organize while here in Illinois.

Don’t forget to email me your predictions!

I want to give away some tickets! 

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