Recap from Focus Church Sunday July 30

So Focus Church is now just a few weeks away from launching.

As part of our determination to make small groups the genuine heart and core of our church, when we say launch we mean we will be launching our first two Focus Groups the week of August 20th.  This is the start of our church in earnest.  

So on July 30, we began to more assertively move towards deciding which group each person will be in.  We spent the evening rotating between different combinations of groups until everyone was with every other person at some point, and with a different one of our two leaders.  As we moved through these groups we played “Pick a question.”   For fifteen minutes everyone in each group picked a question from the list below to answer and then did it again in the new group for another fifteen minutes.

At the request of our launch team I’m posting the questions and the rules here.  If they are useful for you, as a team building exercise, more power to you.

First the Rules

Go around the group starting with left of leader. Everyone gets an opportunity to either pass or pick a question
After the chooser answers, others may also answer the same question or take time to affirm the answer. (I.e. Leave room for discussion)
The interpretation of the question is up to the answerer.


And now the Questions:

One thing you are going to need help with in the coming year.
One thing you can give to others in the coming year.
What is something you’re proud of yourself for today?
What do you do or have you done that enriches someone else’s life?
Finish this sentence: I find it hard to believe (about God) that…
Do you have any dreams or earnest hopes for your life?
What really important part of your life seems outside of the church’s influence?
What are major landmarks in your spiritual journey so far?
What is one of your greatest struggles with God?
What is one great lesson you have learned so far about God, yourself, or others?
What can others do to encourage your spiritual journey?
What hopes or fears do you have about Focus church’s impact on your life?
What are you really happy or really sad about today?
What does the gospel mean to you?

We also asked people to consider what days and times they could meet, whether they had a particular preference and how important geographical nearness was to their decision.  We will continue exploring and developing these groups next Sunday as well.  It’s never too late to join us!

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