This book explores Seven Inescapable Themes, inviting you to play along looking for these themes in your favorite books, movies, plays, any story.   Read the book and join us on the Facebook Page to continue the discussion:

“I believe these themes are inescapable, not because our culture imposes them upon creators, but because they reflect our deepest longings. As I suggested earlier, even in our current climate of deconstruction, any story which truly denies all these themes at once does so only with the clear intention of ignoring these very themes, thus providing greater support for the inherent expectation for and love of these concepts in us. We would really like to believe this is real: this longing for meaning, for plot and design and divine appointment, for redemption, for justice. I have come to believe the good news that our desire for meaning arises from the truth that there is meaning. There is a story behind the universe which makes it all makes sense.

Every story we write, draw, compose, or perform is a seeking after that one true story of the universe. This is why the themes continue to pop up in story after story. “


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