Session 1: Focus on Why

Session 2: Focus on What

Session 3: Focus on How

Session 4: Skills Practice/What’s Next?


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Session 1: Focus on Why

*Through an extensive discussion of Ephesians 4 and other scriptures about Grace and discipleship where we not only learn about the value of Many to Many discipleship but experience it modeled. 

*Many To Many Discipleship:  Paul encourages a method of discipleship where people share a specific “portion of grace” (Both he and Peter use this term when discussing spiritual gifts) with each other in service and love,  revealing the fullness of Christ. This can best be accomplished within a small community spending regular time together through life.  Most churches emphasize one to many (teacher to group), or one to one (mentor to apprentice) while Paul emphasizes many to many.  While there is a place for the other two modes they work best in an environment where Many to Many is the norm. 


Session 2: Focus on What

* Identify the essentials:  An activity where we take what we’ve learned in the first season and identify what are the essential elements for Many to Many to happen.

* Identify the hindrances.  A similar activity where we identify what things we do in our groups that can hinder many to many discipleship.

* Identifying God’s curriculum:  We explore some examples from Jesus where the curriculum Jesus uses for discipleship is based upon the lives they are living. And explore what this means for the groups themselves when it comes to determining what to study.

* Identifying your groups fingerprint.  How does the way God has apportioned the parts of your group change the nature of your group itself?

Session 3: Focus on How

* Active versus passive learning: Activities and discussion both model and lead to discovery of the value of active learning.

* Anatomy of a dialogue:  Where we break down the specifics of a discussion which encourages not only active learning, discover and discussion but discipleship into a clear replicable anatomy easily accessible to both new and experience leaders.

Session 4: Skills Practice/What’s next.

* Practicing the Anatomy of a dialogue with each other.

* Problem solving, specific problems that come up and how to resolve them.

* Five quick tips in five minutes

* Where do we go from here?

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10 hour retreat, 3 hour refresher


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