Pastormac’s Underground Parking Garage Band

Look at this new/old band I discovered.

It turns out that Mac’s Underground Garage Band was a retro Christian group in the 80’s.  I never heard them back then, but it appears they’re making a comeback now as Pastormac’s Underground Parking Garage Band which makes them retro-retro.  I thought you might enjoy this.

So, let me introduce you to the band.  From left to right.

Ricky is the first tenor.  He the“serious musician” of the group.  Since their original run ended in 1989, he’s gone on to be a professional cellist.  I hear it took some persuading to get him back in the band, but I’m glad he came along.

Mac is the lead.  He is a bit of a rebel (which is why he refused to wear the jacket.  Apparently the tie was a compromise but only if he could wear the sunglasses.)  He became a pastor in 1990, but after closing down his most recent church plant he was ready for something new and jumped at the chance to get the band going again, when he was approached by Dave.

Dave is the baritone and he’s always been the engine behind the group.  He was the reason they stopped (he got married in 1989) and he’s the reason they have started up again now.  He’s the song writer and arranger and to all intents and purposes the manager.

Donny is the Bass.  He says of himself that he’s not the brightest bulb in the deck (I’m not entirely not sure what that means) but he seems to be a very nice guy and I love this bass sound.


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