Otis: Out of the box (Episode 9)

The last two chapters ave been removed as the entire story is now available on iBooks or Amazon. 2.99 for the digital version. Hard copy arriving soon through Amazon.


  1. I think I am going to go back to Number 1 and start over, printing it all out and reading at once. I want to see all the pieces (people) again, and get a better understanding, Cannot wait til the last wrapup is done !

    1. I did that as I finished up to be sure there were no glaring inconsistencies. I hope this last piece wasn’t too confusing. It was hard to get it all in without being boring exposition. Supposed to be a sort of denoument with the “detective” explaining everything. Hopefully it works and you’re going back for interest and not cause you’re lost:-)

  2. This story is amazing! I really love how the characters are evolving. Can’t wait for the last episode to see how is all come together.

  3. Terrific! I really have enjoyed watching/reading this story unfold. LOVE the McCormick thread! Brilliant!

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