Operation Spicy Chicken, the end of the saga?

Here it is.

I should mention that this is probably not the end of the saga, because my wife is convinced that my statement “it’s actually different” is simply nuts.  She swears that they taste the same and only a side by side comparison will convince her otherwise.  So, I guess we have to go back (gee, what a shame (heavy irony) to Chick-Fil-A and order one spicy chicken biscuit, one spicy chicken sandwich and try the two side by side to see if my conclusion was indeed a flawed one.  (Never mind that when I asked one of the employees there, they confirmed that indeed it’s the same chicken, same spices, just different sizes.  I think we still have to test it for ourselves like any good field agent investigating intelligence of a questionable nature.)


  1. I, too, believe in direct, field-based research, too.

    We’re restaurant-deprived here in the Great White North, so I only had my first ever Chick-Fil-A experience a little over a year ago. Delish!

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