Oh Jubilation! He’s nine!

I have a son named Jubilation.  I really like that name and it’s a little bit of a statement that as our 5th child, he was in no way a burden or an accident, but a purposeful celebrated addition to our family.  But in case that’s too odd for him when he gets older, we gave him a middle name of David.  Or he could go by J.  or J. David, or JD.  All these back up plans we had so he wouldn’t have to go by this unusual name if he wanted.  And so of course, after all that preparation, it turns out the nickname he goes by all the time with very few exceptions is Juby.

Of course such a nickname inevitably leads to other nicknames and derivatives, as if that isn’t “nick namey” enough.  I, for one, tend to find myself singing “Juby-dooby-do, where are you?”  at really annoying moments.  Annoying to everyone except me that is.

Anyway, he turned nine today, which is completely amazing, odd, and frankly “time-warpish.” (Yes I do know that’s not a word, but it should be.)  The speed with which he’s grown from baby to nine seems to match the speed with which he does most things.  My wife says he’s like a little humming bird, he never stops moving.  Talking with him is like an experiment of the doppler effect

eeeeeeeeeeeedad,dad,dad,c a n  y  o  u  p  l  a  y  p l a n t s versuszombieeeeeeeeeee

Today he wanted to go to Ihop for his birthday, and I wonder if it’s because that’s what he though you could do there while you ate.  Cause, he is a hopper.  He hops while he waits for us to get ready to go, while he waits for us to answer a question, or help him with a chore.

Anyway, that’s Juby.   Flitting, bouncing, doppler inducing Juby.  Sweet, sensitive,  and smart too.  Happy Birthday Jubilation.  I hope it was the best yet.

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