My very first Blog (June of 2006)

As explained in a previous blog, I am rerunning my iWeb blogs in anticipation of it fading away in anticipation of iCloud. So here’s the first blog I ever wrote with comments from me in the comment section with updates.

I’m pondering…writing a blog.

On the one hand, a BLOG seems so trendy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not really opposed to trends and I’ve been known to hop on the occasional bandwagon as adroitly as anyone. But come on! A BLOG? Everyone’s got a BLOG. (I was going to say everyone and their dog, but that’s awfully cliche for a BLOG. (See, that’s one thing I’m pondering, can I even do a BLOG without revealing my horrible tendencies towards triteness and cliche (Not to mention my incredibly annoying habit of overusing the wonderfully clarifying parenthesis), although without having actually done the research I’m sure a quick google would probably reveal at least a dozen sites ostensibly produced by a beloved Fido or Rover, or perhaps a feline Fluffy.))) But then I just tell myself: Buck up; nothing ventured, nothing gained, take the plunge, dive right in, grab the bull by the horns and see which way the cookie bounces.)

So as I ponder, I wonder, (hey! how come those two words: ponder and wonder don’t rhyme?) what would I even put in a blog. (I also ponder whether it’s correctly BLOG or blog.)

I could talk about something I’m reading.

Reading: I’m pretty much always reading. Although these days I include listening to books on my Ipod (Product placement here.) as reading. I know, it’s cheating. Like you I tend to think that there is something definably better and smarter about holding the hard copy in your hand while you read.

Well except when you’re reading a blog,

or when you’re driving.

For some reason passengers, angry motorists and the occasional scurrying pedestrian all seem to nod approvingly when I put down the book and insert those little earbuds in my ears instead. Apparently they have somehow avoided hearing about the as-yet unnoticeable damage those little buds are causing to my ears. Or perhaps they don’t care just as long as my my eyes still work and are being put to use avoiding running over fluffy and fido (who ought to be off the streets working on their own blogs and not interrupting my reading time!)

One of the many thing I am reading in the old variety with paper and a cover, is A.J. Jacobs book, The Know It All about his quest to read the entire Encyplaedia Britannica. Interesting book full of interesting facts, but somehow all I can think to say about it right now is: Did you know that the philosopher Descartes had a fetish for women with crossed eyes?

Maybe I should just make my reading interests a sidebar.

Ponder, ponder: I could talk about myself. I think that’s what most Blogs are for:

Myself: I’ve been warned by other Bloggers not to reveal actual identities of myself or family as it tends to invite oddities like people with strange fetishes, which makes me wonder about Descartes web surfing habits. It also makes me wonder if the web has produced a whole slew of superhero Bloggers with secret identities. Anyway, some of my friends call me Pastormac. This is because I am a pastor and I use a macintosh. See? simple.

Actually that’s a nice story but really it’s because I thought it sounded cool and I talked them into it. Most still just call me by my Christian name (although what is more Christian than a name with Pastor in it?)and refuse to use my superhero name, pastormac. I have to be honest about that on this blog because my closest friends, none of whom call me pastormac, are the only ones likely to ever read this Blog!

Well, in case you tragically stumbled on this website, perhaps after googling Descartes and fetish, without already knowing me, and perversely made it this far, let me break it down for you with a minimum of parenthesis.

I am a father of 5: Two girls followed by three boys. I’ll have to come up with superhero identities for them in another blog. Suffice it to say for now that 5 kids is less work than you might think. That is, if you’re the kind of person who thinks in extreme hyperbole and equates caring for five kids to, say, performing brain surgery at the same time you cut a diamond, run for President of the United States, read the Encyclopaedia Britannica, and fix the Social Security Crisis. It’s slightly less work than that. Without my wife’s wonderful mothering skills, it would indeed be overwhelming. You can check out my wife’s blog (I’ll let you know when our dog starts one) for more details on the family.

We are in the process of adopting two more: From Ethiopia. A girl and a boy we think. I suspect I will ponder quite a bit on this in future blogs.
We’ve already put in about 7000 dollars into the process and have about 15 thousand more including travel and such. Pray for us in this process.

I am a pastor: I am one of five pastors, what most of you would call an Associate Pastor. Along with generally sharing in the shepherding of the flock, I teach about half the sermons. I bet you never would have guessed I like to talk! (And yes, I do talk in parenthesis too!) Here’s my church website (oops, there goes my secret identity!).

My faith: I believe in the real historical Jesus who is really God in the flesh, that he really died and actually rose again to objectively save us from our literal sins. Jesus Christ is my closest companion and my Lord. I’m sure future ponderings will inevitably include aspects of this. Did I mention I’m a preacher?

Anchors Away Ministry: A ministry I developed to help people overcome deceptions and build their faith. I provide resources like conferences, counseling and small group study materials.

Well, that’s me I guess. Ponder, ponder. I could talk about politics, but that might not make me popular since I’m in that 1/3 of the population who actually thinks President Bush is doing a good job!

So, after all this pondering I discover I’ve posted my first blog and all about my ponderings. I think I’ll do it again some time.

At any point along the way that you would like to comment, please do so, if only to provide me assurance that someone else is out there and I’m not stuck in some Twilight Zone of the Blogland pushing the apple key over and over yelling, Where is everybody, please, Is anybody out there…

In future blogs, I plan to ponder many things. Some serious, some silly, and the occasional obscure twilight zone reference, but all, I hope, at least a bit interesting. Still, if I only amuse myself that wouldn’t be the first time for that either.

Well, at this point, I’ll say good night to the only two people even possibly still reading this blog!

Good Night Pastormac’sAnn, Princess of my Heart, dawn of my days and shining star of my nights.

Good Night Mom. I’ll call you!

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