Lorien’s “See You Later” Puzzle.

My oldest daughter, my super hero buddy, the only of my children who instinctively knows why Kayak is such a cool word, the one with whom I’ve lived longest, my competent, conscientious, spiritual, smart, funny, caring 21 year old daughter who has lived continuously in our house, just drove off in a car to go set up a new home in Minnesota. I miss her already. She is nervous and less sure of her success than I am. She has less confidence in her competence than I do. Lorien, you will rock school, life and adulthood. Keep watching Superhero movies, keep writing in your own voice, keep pursuing Christ and keep fighting the good fight of faith. It also happens that Lorien has been most tolerant of my propensity to provide puzzles and clues for my children to follow.  Every Christmas they follow clues to their presents; many of Lorien’s birthday parties involved solving mysteries. So of course it seems appropriate that I snuck a little gift into one of Lorien’s packed boxes and now she has to discover via clues which box and what the item is.  She has to discover this in the next two days before they arrive in Minnesota and she unpacks. You can play along if you like, but don’t give away the answer until she’s had a chance to play.  Maybe she’ll be kind enough to give her answers in the comments below. Ok Lo. First, where the prize is located. Where?

Only Six in your moniker, but Seven for this box which contains your prize.   The first of your first is one too far for the first of this label The second is the first of my favorite device The third is drunk with Jam and bread (apparently.) The fourth?  O, say can you? The Fifth is the first of something for Equestrian’s mounts. The sixth is the first in Wheel of Fortune or hangman. The Seventh is the last of the seven.

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  1. Ooh fun! 🙂 K (one before L) I (first letter of iPad) T (a drink with jam and bread) C H (the first letter of helmet) E (the most commonly first-guessed letter in games such as hangman) and N ( the final letter of seven). Must be in the kitchen box!

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