Just for fun (part 1)

Here’s a simple game.

I learned a new word today, and your challenge is to figure out what this word means from the three examples I will give you.

Those who are not allowed to guess.
1) Those who already know the word (perhaps they learned it from the same podcast I did).
2) Those who look up the word by googling it.
3) Professor X and any others who can read my mind.

The word is Retronym.

Here are three examples of retronyms.  When you figure out what  retronym is, don’t spoil it by posting the answer here, but instead post other examples that you can think of.  I will confirm if indeed what you post is a retronym.  You may post your suggestions  either here on this blog as a comment, or on the Pastormac Facebook status sharing this blog post.

Acoustic Guitar

Snail Mail

Brick and Mortar store


Brighten my day and play along won’t you?



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