It’s time to take it up a notch, help kickstart Hidden Life to the next level.

You may have heard of Kickstarter,

a crowdfunding website where people come together to help fund new creative endeavors.

In crowdfunding, people have an opportunity to support a project they believe in at whatever amount, small or large they want to engage.  Every individual contribution is important and makes up a small piece of what, in some cases, amounts to millions of dollars to fund a movie, invention, concern, or other creative endeavor.  In some ways it’s a reflection of the same power God has designed the church around: where everyone contributes there gift to the building of the church until the fullness of Christ is revealed to the world and the Heavenly forces, as Paul describes in Ephesians.

Recently I’ve launched Hidden Life with something similar but designed specifically for Christians and Christian ministry.  It’s called Faith Launcher and it works similarly to Kick Starter where people have the opportunity to be part of launching a project with their five, ten, twenty dollar or more contribution.

In this case, the content already exists. Instead of funding a project with the hope it will become something real; the something real already exists.  Two conferences, a book, a study, all arising out of the experience of years of ministry and teaching. I am committed to sharing this message, and aiding pastors in equipping saints for service, by encouraging them to own their discipleship, embrace their freedom and understand their story.   Being a small church pastor for 23 years, meant, as it does for many pastors, giving away ministry, money and time, such that I now find myself without helpful capital to purchase advanced materials, pay for my time to develop new conferences, and defray the cost for smaller churches who would benefit greatly from the ministry.    Even now, as you read this, I am driving with my family to spend a week teaching Christian college students as part of their Leadership Training Summer long conference.   I’m bringing my family because having the conference feed and house us of for the week is the only way I can truly afford to do this for this great group of kids.

While I will press on in faith, providing what I can, while meeting the needs of my family however I must, I believe that God wants to launch this ministry more aggressively, providing for the the initial needed capital through the small but important contributions of many.  During this slower time before the fall and winter conference hit, I’d love to raise 5000 dollars to be able to focus on new materials, better advertising, offering scholarships to smaller churches, and purchasing advanced materials for use at the upcoming conferences.

Through Faithlauncher, God provides a way

for this aggressive launch, and for you to be part of this moment.

90 Days to raise

500o dollars

to launch a ministry that has already impacted hundreds into a ministry which impacts thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands.

Understand, that for crowdfunding like this, the first week is the most important and that what matters most is not huge donations, but lots of small donations, showing confidence and drawing attention from others who may not know about this ministry.  Your contribution of 5  or 10 dollars really can make significant impact. 

This link

will take you to he project page where you can see the details.

Among other details, notice that investments of 10 dollars or more qualify you for rewards ranging from copies of my books to conference bookings.  Referring other people to the project also qualifies you to receive perks as well.

I know there’s a lot of people out there clamoring for money and attention.  My goal is over this next year that this will become a completely self sustaining ministry.

I’m asking you as a friend and a supporter to consider this, not because I ask, but because you believe in the ministry we are pursuing together.   Just a five dollar contribution could make a huge difference at this important early phase of our ministry.

Don’t hesitate to contact me directly if you have questions.  If you don’t, please go to the project link and consider an investment in this project.  Refer the project to your friends with Facebook, email, or in person.  There is a limited time for you to be part of this, but together we could start something big.

Thanks so much,

Smiling at the future,

David “Pastormac” Megill

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