It’s more than a building, of course.

Jesus Christ, being in very nature God, decided that rather than cling to His rights as God, that He would instead take on the form and function of a man, even to the point of death.

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 He did this so that you could be free.  So that I could be free.  The eternal God of the universe quite literally decided that He’d rather die than live without a relationship with you.

He did this also so that as free individuals, we could team together becoming, as it were, the Body of Christ, representing God’s interests and ideas on the earth, proclaiming freedom to the captives, bringing hope to the Hopeless, serving with the benefits of gifts given to us by the King of the Universe.  And oh what gifts!  He granted us slices of His own Grace, an indwelling of HIs own Spirit.  He made us stewards of HIs very blessing upon the earth.  Together, in local gatherings we can begin to represent such a surprising, loving, freeing, empowering God, through this stewardship.  By doing the one work, we are called to do, making disciples and building the  church, we become the tool that He uses to bring His blessing upon the earth.

We call these local gatherings, these little slices of God’s very power and blessing…churches.

A particular denomination, while relevant, is not the key.  The mode of worship, while significant, is not the power.  The style and manner of dress, teaching or any other format is frankly irrelevant to whether or not we actually represent God.

This work is incredibly important to the story of the universe.  This work brings light and hope and life.  This work is underrated by the very people who benefit most form it.  It is undervalued by a culture in desperate need of it and it is too often done in isolation, forgetting that other local gatherings labor towards the same end.

This is my conviction about the importance of the local Christian Church.  In America, this often means gatherings of 75 or fewer people, laboring to understand the revelations of God and striving to learn how to love and share the Grace we’ve been given.  These churches, these works, need support, someone to have their back, someone to come along side the pastor in support of the hard work of discipleship.

It’s likely that somewhere today a church is closing it’s doors for lack of support; a pastor is leaving his flock for lack of encouragement, a leader is tempted to utilize guilt to motivate when love seems to be falling flat.

What started as a desire to spread the good news of conferences has revealed itself to be a ministry designed to bring support to Churches.  To encourage and strengthen the important mission of discipleship by freeing individuals to own their own growth and freeing pastors to motivate by grace instead of guilt and lead from giftedness instead of someone else’s expectations.

Throughout this pilgrimage, God has continued to expand and increase the resources available to do just that.  As I continue to lean on the prayers of those who share the vision, who have tasted freedom and Grace, I thought it time to take inventory of what we do and don’t have.  Perhaps you can help me spread what we do have, and fill in gaps where I am lacking.


Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 5.45.53 PM
Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 5.46.09 PM


Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 5.47.28 PM


Two things I don’t have

A lot of money

A talent or even a good understanding for marketing myself.

Seems kind of unfair to not have at least one of these two things.  But then I’m also beginning to suspect this is true of most of the world as well.  I did have one of my few smart ideas in relation to this.  I approached friends I have who do have marketing skills and abilities, and offered to pay them on commission to help me book conferences.  One of these people actually agreed to help but wanted their commission to go towards  a vision I had during my Lifesong days.

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 5.47.15 PM

You’ll be hearing more about this very very soon, but the quick point is that I have decided that a specific percentage of every conference booked will go towards the building and maintaining of this community center.

Anyway, that’s a quick update on what we’ve got going and what’s coming up.  The fall looks rich with bookings.  Helping churches to plan as far ahead as January of 2015 is a bit of a challenge, but that’s where I’m currently working now, so if you know anyone who might be interested, let me know.

Continue to pray that the God who owns a cattle on a thousand Hills and freely gives wisdom to those who ask, and who likes to provide more than we can ask or even imagine will do just that and lead me to the resources in the best way possible to make all this happen, to strengthen churches and encourage them in their important task of becoming God’s representatives on this earth.

If any of the above speaks to you, remember there is only about 24 hours left to back the Hidden Life Project on FaithLaunchers. Click here to help.

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