I love Christmas: A few of my favorite things– My favorite Christmas Book

Ok, so we’re on the third installment of my favorite Christmas things. It’s not as exciting as Oprah because I don’t give anything away (although very very soon I will be releasing A Christmas Puzzle, which does come with a Valuable prize to the winner. Click Here for updates. )

Nonetheless, onward we merrily go (to quote a obscure line from an obscure movie: hint it’s Michael Caine and it’s not Batman.)’ with today’s topic, my favorite Christmas Book.

I should add the caveat that I have excluded myself from answering The Christmas Story, as in the story of Jesus, as the obvious answer. However I do want to take a moment and explain that that is the obvious answer to me, not just as a duty as a pastor, but in reality is beyond a shadow of a doubt both the most important and beautiful story possible. It should not be easily dismissed or overlooked as a Sunday school lesson. The story in the Christian Bible is an amazing one of a perfect and transcendent God who chooses to lay down his life to love and protect His creation, even after being scorned and rejected by those He only wanted to bless. It is not only an incredible story of love, but also one of magic and power and adventure, as this almighty God reveals just how unlimited power can be see by a God with unlimited grace. If you are not familiar with this version of the story,I suggest you use this Christmas as an excuse to get familiar with this version. Ask around until you find a Christian who seems to know this version. If you want a safer route you can start with reading the Hidden Life. I won’t tell.

Ok, so important caveat over, obligatory parenthetical phrase per blog completed, we move on to (drum roll please). My favorite Christmas Book.

Truth is reading stories is a big part of life in the Megill household. Mom and dad read to each other a lot, parents read to children, siblings to siblings, and occasionally, Megills to non Megills. It is not a huge surprise to most people to discover then, that among the many Christmas traditions In our house, reading various Christmas Stories plays a significant part. There are two in particular we read almost every year when we can manage it.

George Macdonald’s

20121213-124125.jpg Little Christmas and

20121213-161400.jpgCharles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.

Both stories at well worth the read written with great skill and depth by great writers. I’ve included links to both above if you are interested. I very much enjoy both.

While Little Christmas has the advantage of being largely unknown and therefore novel, for me personally, Dickens is a master and his Christmas Carol is original and brilliant. From the consistency of the metaphor of a carol with stanzas for chapters, to the poignant, less well known sections of the book including the appearance of the two ghastly children under the Ghost’s robe, to the surprising humor, to the more surprising love story, to the thoroughly satisfying redemptive ending, there is a reason this book is copied again and again. If you’ve never read the whole thing I suggest you make this Christmas your first time.

My favorite Christmas Story: a Christmas carol. What’s yours?

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