Join the Story!

You are one of the innumerable living stories in God’s Anthology.  Our lives too often appear to be chaotic, random circumstances without sense or order, and yet, the desire for order and meaning is fierce and undeniable. As a pastor of 23 years, I’ve become convinced that this desire is only one of many indications that our lives are neither random, nor chaotic.

Two things make understanding our stories more likely.

  • One is discovering the punctuation and meaning of the author. There is truth in your story if you can learn to see it and embrace it.
  • The second is to see your story in light of the community of stories around us. Our stories always make more sense when not viewed in isolation. In that context we can begin to see the beauty not only in other’s stories, but in our own as well.

Hopefully as you explore the resources available both on and offline, interact with the blog, encounter the videos and immerse yourself in the experiences here, it will help you begin to see both the uniqueness and universality of your own story.  I hope you will become more than passive on this website (as in life)  comment, share, engage, teach and learn.
You are welcome here.

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