Happy Birthday from Me

Today I turn 48.

I told a younger friend of mine that the other day and he reacted with an almost comical surprise, “You’re 48?!”  The problem is I couldn’t tell if he was surprised I was that old or that young.

When I asked he never told me, instead moving the conversation on.

I fooled myself this year though.  I’ve been telling people I’m 48 for the last 6 months and only just the other day realized I wasn’t actually 48 yet.  So now that I’ve reached my birthday, which I thought would be 49, it’s like I’ve been given an extra year.  So don’t be surprised if halfway through this year I start telling people I’m 52 or something.  It’s like the secret to immortality!  Every year I’ll be younger.  I know there’s something wrong with this logic, but maybe I’m too old to care.

I’ve picked up a quirky habit, and I blame it all on another friend of mine who has been telling me “Happy Birthday” every day since my actual last birthday.  Usually in front of co-workers to whom I have to then explain that it’s not actually my birthday, “No really it’s not.”  “No I’m not just pretending, truly it’s not my birthday.”

Today I’m sick home from work, so he can’t actually tell me Happy Birthday when it is.  That’ll show him.

Anyway, the quirky habit is that the only response to his incessant Happy Birthdaying which made any sense was to simply treat it like any other nicety and return it.  So, I say, “Happy Birthday,” back.  The quirk is that I find myself saying it to everyone else now too when they say Happy Birthday.

“I don’t think that’s how it works,” says a family member.

Anyway, I’m going one step further.  Today I give you two gifts on my blog for my birthday.

First I offer you this video:.  Recently analytics showed me that a few people went to see a blog called “My Final Lifesong Sermon” which was indeed my final sermon at Lifesong.  I did it as a sort of multimedia thing where it spilled over into the internet.  Anyway when I went to see what they were looking  at I noticed the video (the one below) was a broken link.  I fixed it, in case you want to check out the original post here, but I also present it here, because it is very inspiring and awesome.  As I point out in the original post from years ago, David Foster Wallace was not a believer, but this video only has more impact for those who believe, as I do, in the reality of a good and powerful God who has built a desire for morality, impact and belonging into each of us..  It’s as if David Foster Wallace has simply observed and articulated something true about the universe, but he’s reluctant to acknowledge it might actually be true.  The good news:  It is. Even more than he expresses.

The second gift to you, my reader, is a birthday coupon for 15 percent off everything in the store and FREE shipping.  If you don’t want anything that’s cool.  But consider, at a minimum, a pre order of my new Seven Themes Book. I think you’ll like it. It’s already 20 percent off the release price and now it would be another 15 percent off and free shipping!   And it’s fun!  Come check out our Facebook group,https://www.facebook.com/groups/Seventhemes/ if you want to see how fun it is.  On the other hand if you don’t like books, tv, movies, plays,  stories of any genre then maybe you wouldn’t enjoy the book.

Consider also,  if the video above inspires you and you are curious about what scripture says about what “life” really is, you might check out “The Hidden Life

Anyway, the coupon code is 48isgr8.  It expires at the end of the week.  (Saturday at midnight)

Check it out if you want. I won’t mention it again or anywhere else.  Just on this blog; just this once. Thanks for hanging out with me.

Happy Birthday!

Smiling at the future,


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