Free audiobook version of A Little Serial in the Morning from Audible!

So, I’m delighted to announce that  A Little Serial In the Morning  is now available on audible, and I”m celebrating by offering you four ways to get it for free!

Matthew Lloyd Davies of did a fantastic job with the voice acting, revealing to me things I barely realized about my characters!

Check out this sample and I’m sure you’ll agree he’s a pleasure to listen to:

I’m eager to get this book out to as many as possible to enjoy it and that’s why I’m giving you four different opportunities to receive a free copy!

  1. If you are new to Audible you get your first book absolutely free when you join. On top of this, if you choose my book as your free book, I get a bounty of 50 dollars!  This way you can support Discipleship Matters and get your free copy all at once!  I love audible and it’s a great way to get audiobooks so it’s a win win win on this one.

  2. For those of you who  you already have an audible account I will give a free copy to the first five to comment on this blog!  Any comment will do.  No deadline on this.  But the sooner the better!

  3. If you miss out on being one of the first five to comment I will give a free copy to the first five people to buy any of my other books through Kindle, Amazon,or  iBooks  in the next week  (click on Books above to find them).  This deal runs out one week from today, Midnight of May 16th, or when I’ve given all five of these copies out, whichever comes first.  (Just tell me what you bought and when.  If you can, send me a copy of the receipt, but if you can just tell me when that’s probably enough.)

  4. Finally I will also give a free copy to anyone who preorders my next book (Seven Themes You Can’t Escape).   This preorder is on the honor system.  Just email me with your intention to buy it when it comes out and I’ll send you the free audible copy of Serial.  This deal is good  for as many two want to taake advantage of it as want to until my book is released.

So, don’t miss it!  Get your free copy today. I really think you’ll enjoy it. And spread the word!  Click on the cover below to go to the link on audible.

A Little Serial in the Morning



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