Did I mention…

So… I was on the radio today.

Well, actually not.  I did however, just finish recording an interview which will be the radio Saturday at 3:30 pm and again Sunday Morning at 6:30.  I’d love for you to tune in and let me know what you think.

KKIM 1000 AM on your radio dial, or you can listen online.

It was fun, but it’s a lot like blogging.  You’re not really sure who’s listening.  Only worse, because there are no like buttons or comment boxes, so I’d sure love to hear from you if you hear it and what you thought of the interview.

Frank Haley, of the show Haley’s Comments (I appreciate that pun), was very nice.  I had met him, actually, when I went to fill in for my friend Derek Witt, at the Journey Fellowship.   Derek, originally, had told me he’d appreciate it if I could fill in for him someday so he could get a little vacation time, but like a lot of pastor’s he has a hard time actually taking a break, so I ended up filling in for him while he was working elsewhere (performing a wedding for a family member out of town.)  It was a great time.  The Journey fellowship is one of the many small, sincere, faithful communities that I truly enjoy being part of, in any small way.   They hosted a conference a few months ago and that’s when my relationship with them began.

Anyway, to make a long story short (too late), Frank had missed the conference, but heard me when I filled in a week or two ago, and asked me if I wanted to be on his radio show.  It took me all of 30 seconds to call him back and say after much prayer and deliberation that YES, I would love that.

I have never been on the radio before, in any capacity, and it was fun.  (The set up was similar (but not identical) to some studio recording I’ve done on occasion, such as voiceovers for Faith Comes By Hearing, where I am the voice of Amos on the American dramatized version.  I pop up a few other places as well.  )

I think it went well, but honestly I won’t know what I think till I hear it this weekend.

(Did I mention that would be at 3:30 on Saturday and 6:30 am on Sunday and that I’d love for you to hear it and let me know what you think?    KKIM Albuquerque.  1000am.  Online here.  Oh, I did mention it…well.. now I”ve mentioned it again.)

We talked about a lot of things.  Among other things he asked me what I thought was the biggest challenge (or he might have even said “problem’) for the American church which is a really unfair question to ask when there’s only few minutes left in the interview.  I’d love to know what you think of my answer, after you listen to it.

You can try to comment on what you think of my answer before you listen to it, but that’s Potentially less valuable.

So, What are you doing this Saturday at 3:30 ion the afternoon, or Sunday Morning at 6:30 am?  Did I mention I’ll be on the radio?  and that you can listen online?  By simply clicking here?

I’d hate to forget to mention that.

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