Crossroads: Round One Registrations start April 1

I’ve been teasing Crossroads, a brand new Pastormac Puzzle with an engaging mystery, quirky characters, challenging clues and a bona fide cash (or gift card) prize for the winner.  More details will be forthcoming, but I do leave you with the following three new pieces of information.

First check out this trailer


1) Registrations will start April 1 (and that’s no joke) and cost only $10  to play

2) The winner receives 50 percent of all the registration fees.  This means that the more people who play the bigger the cash prize!

  • If 10 people sign up it’s a cash prize of 50 Dollars!
  • If one hundred people sign up, it’s a cash prize of 500 dollars!
  • If a Million people sign up, I am a genius and you could win 500,000 dollars! (And my blog will crash…)

So start sharing the various teasers, trailers, face books posts, tweets and so on.  For you twitterers (tweeters?), use #pastormacpuzzles when you share.   If you have friends who like games, puzzles, mysteries and so on, definitely invite them to play.   In coming days I’ll be sharing more and more and if you see a particular flyer, post or video you like but can’t find again, let me know, I’ll be glad to share it directly to you.  Remember, the more people play, the more you can win, so start spreading the word now.

3) The other 50 percent goes to support the Hidden Life Conferences and resources.

So, spread the word to your puzzling friends and you friends who puzzle, either one.

See you all soon, at the Crossroads!


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