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We’re open!

Discipleship Matters shop is open and ready for business. (Click here…but wait!  Don’t miss the deals below!) Finally there’s one place to find all the things!  Books, Studies, Conference Registrations, Coaching Packages, Conference Merchandise.

Ok, let’s cut to the Grand Opening goodies.  Scattered around this page you’ll find all sorts of goodies and bonuses, but for those of you who are more linear, here they are layed out.

  • You can Pre-order Seven Themes You Can’t Escape for 20 percent off what you would pay at Amazon when it comes out.
  • The first 10 orders in the store get my brand new free audio book, A Little Serial in the Morning, short short stories in serial fashion. After you check out, I’ll send you an email with the redemption code for the free audiobook. (Limit one per customer)
  • Grand Opening Discount!  Everyone who orders in the next 48+ hours (until Midnight Monday) and uses the super secret code grandopening gets 15% off their entire cart order!  This is unlimited, reusable, completely transferable, and works on anything in the store as long as you buy before Midnight on Monday.
  • All these deals are stackable.  Order the Seven Themes and you get 20 percent off of that book, you get the free audiobook and you can get 15 percent off the whole cart including that book!  On top of this, you can order as many copies of the Seven Themes book as you want with the same deal

Seven Themes pre order

What are you waiting for?  Click here to visit the shop,

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