And the Winner of the Blu-ray is…

Drum roll please.  If this were a reality show, I would now list all those who did not win first, but I won’t do that.  Instead I’ll drag the suspense out by telling you how the winner was picked.  There were 10 people who commented, but only 9 of them beat the deadline.  So, I numbered them 1-9 in the order that they commented.  Then I went to the following website: and had it generate a sequence which put my nine numbers in a truly random order.  I took the top of that list and voila!  we had a winner.

Let me also say that I’m glad I did this via random generator instead of as a contest for best short answer as to why you deserved the blu-ray because I was persuaded by everyone of you that you should win by your (often humerous) arguments.

So, without further ado, by random chance, the winner of the Blu-Ray is

Jennifer Bryant.  Congratulations Jennifer!

Stay tuned faithful listeners.  This was fun and I like giving stuff away, so more contests and giveaways to come!


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