An experiment and exercise in writing

Thanks to all the faithful readers, who gave me encouragement in my last serial, I have decided to try an experiment and see if it is as mutually satisfying as the last experiment.  I’m going to bring you, not one but three serials, and some poetry to boot.  The serials will be weekly, rather than daily and each one will feature a different genre. So here’s the plan:

Saturdays will be “Sci-Fi Saturday”

Tuesdays will be an unfolding romance of sorts seen through the eyes of the male figure one week and the female the next.

Thursdays will be similar to the Batman story in that it will feature unexpected meetings between people and the short relationships that occur there and how they affect each other.

Wednesdays will be poetry( because I want to stretch that side of my writing too, and I’m taking a class on poetry) although that’s not been a very popular feature here at Pastormac’s blog.

I will continue to do “just ponderings” now and then as well and as I finish one serial I may replace it with a different genre.  You can check in through facebook as most of you do, or via the blog directly, or you can subscribe or RSS and it will automatically let you know when I post something new.  I hope you enjoy!  Please continue to give me feedback and on what you like best or don’t enjoy at all.  Thanks!

Serials will be grouped by category too making it easy to find a particular story on the menu to the right of the page.

So with trepidation, gratitude and hope, we begin.

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