A word about Otis (but not the next installment)

Faithful readers,

Just a note or two for those of you who like a little more information about process.  I wanted to let you know that the next installment will likely be up tonight.  I did have a rough outline for the direction of the story, but I was missing a key element or two.

The events in this latest installment (coming tonight) surprised me!  That Merlot is an odd fellow and I didn’t see it coming.  However, once he made his move the outline for the rest of the story fell into place and I suddenly could see clearly the missing element.

So, now I know, and thought I’d share with you, that we are exactly halfway through our story with a total of 10 floors (oops, I mean episdoes) in our little story.  So hang in there, faithful readers, while Merlot and Otis and even the B and M building will live on after we’ve left them, our little journey through their lives will be over soon.  Just wanted you to know.

See you tonight. 🙂

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