A Viral Video…

Or at least that’s what I’m hoping you can help make happen.

Marketing has never been my strength.  Every Conference I’ve done so far has met with very positive responses, so I know the message is both clear and fruitful.  What i need is to get this life changing message of the Gospel to more people, helping more pastors of more local churches equip more members to be able to serve in freedom and joy.

You are my best advertising.   You, many of whom have read the book, attended the conference, known my heart, and prayed for the success we’re now beginning to see.  I’ve no budget for advertising, but many people have proven that the biggest budget is not always the best advertising.  So, here’s how you can support the Hidden Life conference (and by extension, the new Finding Your Story conference.) and it won’t cost you a dime, and only 6 minutes of your life.

1) Watch the video below.

2) Then take one more minute to share the video on Facebook, Twitter, your own blog, email…anywhere and everywhere you can in one minute or less.  Make a positive comment about the video or the conference or even the book as you share.  Encourage others to share, post, and like it themselves.

That’s it.  The more people, like and share the video, the more people see it.  The more people see it, the more will also like and share it.   I’d love to see how many views we can get on this video in the next 2 weeks.  Not only does this grant more people an opportunity to benefit from the conference, but the message just in the video itself is one that may save a life.

Help me take this viral!

Thanks so much for all your prayers, support, and, now, for watching and sharing the video below.

Remember you are my best advertising.



  1. Here’s a shout out for David Megill. David and I co-pastored together for about 15 years at Rio West Community Church in Rio Rancho NM. He and I shared the pulpit and the challenges of leading a congregation as co-elders. From intimate experience, I can testify that he is a godly and gifted man of God. His message of life in Christ, his depth of understanding the gospel implications, and his gift of teaching those principles is outstanding. His conferences give insight and refreshment to the sinner and saint alike. Pastors, if you’re looking for someone who will bring life, insight, and freedom to your congregation – then David is your willing servant to minister to your flock. Take a weekend off and let David bring the grace of God to your congregation unique insight and understanding. You will not be disappointed. You will be refreshed. As David always says, “smiling at the future.”

    1. Don, this is a very kind and appreciated comment. With your permission I may lift it for materials?

  2. Dave this sounds excellent. I was just telling someone that they have to choose life, each day in whatever step they are capable of. Thank you for all that you do!

    1. Sarah, thank you so much for the kind comment. I appreciate your own brave stand for life over the years!

  3. So one of the pivital moments in my life, one of the turning points, one of the clearest cases of God engineering a conversation, one of the true miracles in my life, happenes to be very close to your story with Ruth. All I could see was dispair and death ahead and God gave me those words: Choose Life. Those words changed everything somehow. My vodka bottle, my reminder of miracles and life has a name now. His name is Gabbon.

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