A Christmas Surprise

My oldest daughter Lorien is coming home this weekend!  

Yay!  I miss her lots!

In honor of her coming home, and because I found this old file which once upon a time was corrupted beyond retrieval and was able to open it, I present to you a conversation with Lorien (which we transcribed) at the age of, oh probably 5 or 6.  She was a creative writer even before she could write.

Lorien: Where’s the moon?
Papa: I don’t know maybe it’s not out tonight.
Lorien: See that star?  I think that star is in the moon’s place.  Maybe the moon asked the star to take his place.
Papa: is the moon male or female? I think the moon is a woman.
Lorien: Well, that star is taking her place tonight
Papa: Why isn’t the moon out tonight? Is she sick?
Lorien:  Yeah she has the stomach flu. I hope she’s well enough to come out tomorrow. Right now she’s over with the sun.
Papa: The sun?
Lorien: The sun is taking care of the moon; taking her temperature watching her and stuff.  All the stars are helping too.
Papa: Why do they all love the moon so much?
 Lorien: Well the sun wouldn’t give light to the moon if she didn’t love him and the stars go out with the moon every night
Papa: Good point
Lorien: If the sun is up all night with the moon she will not be out tomorrow either.
Papa: Wow, what happens if the sun doesn’t come out ?
Laurion: It will be the dark like this except there won’t be any streetlights, so a little darker
Papa: I think the street lights are set to come on when it gets dark even if it’s the middle of the day.
Lorien: Oh that’s good because the sun might not be out tomorrow.
Papa:  Well maybe the moon will feel better and come out later tonight.
Lorien: Maybe I hope so.  Poor moon.


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