21 years ago today

Do you remember where you were or what you were doing September 22, 1992?  I do.  I could tell you what I was doing for a few days on either side, but there wouldn’t be another day that year I actually remember with certainty what I was doing. 21 years is a long time;  I bet my oldest daughter has no recollection of that day and yet it was the biggest day in her life so far.  It was the day she, my first child, made her entrance into the world.  Today is her 21st birthday.

For those of you who have visited her blog regularly (and if you haven’t, you should) you know that you she often writes her blogs in the form of interesting and humorous lists, so In honor of her (and she’s an extremely honorable woman, worthy of much honor), I present to you my list of Lorien Facts.

1) Lorien took her mama through 72 hours of labor.  This was actual labor, not “I think I’m in labor but I’m not.”

2)She arrived Sunny Side up.  The reason Lorien took so long to arrive was because she was pushing her way into the world with the wrong part of her head.  Most of us enter the world facing the floor, head down avoiding the larger picture until turned over and forced to confront the world.  Lorien took her time arriving but when she did she came to it looking up, wanting to see and know all that could be.  She’s done the same ever since.  She may approach with caution and timidity but when she does arrive it will be with boldness and optimism.

3)She’s named after the eternal forest, Lothlorien, in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.  Yeah, I guess we are those parents.  It turns out I was reading (rereading for me) The Lord of the Rings trilogy to my wife during her pregnancy with Lo and even during those 72 hours of labor, (but not during the actual birth).  In Elvish it means Land of Dreams, or Valley of Gold (according to wikipedia).  We had tossed around a number of names and ultimately settled on this one.  We accurately guessed that she would have a lifetime of correcting pronunciations and spellings, but we argued that if she hated it, she could always just go by Lori.

4)  Lorien has chosen to never go by Lori… Actually Lorien takes pride in the uniqueness of her name and it’s origin.  When she was younger she once got very upset when she learned that it wasn’t completely unique, that there was in fact another Lorien in the world.  It was the end of her uniqueness as a person and her specialness and for a few days there was nothing we could do to console her.  Fortunately she got over that.

5) …but occasionally she goes by Emily.  Never in conversation or when actually meeting anyone, but sometimes when the need for a name is short and rudimentary (as in ordering pizza from Dion’s) she will use a fake name like Emily rather than go into explanations about elvish lands and proper pronunciations.  (“It’s like Delorean without the Duh”)

6) She has always been extremely verbal.  I remember reading the “What to expect when you are expecting” passage on how many words of vocabulary your child should have at some certain age.  I don’t remember the age but she was supposed to know around 100 words.  We started counting up the words she used regularly and quit when we got to 400.  I used to do a word of the day with her for fun and she would remember every one and pick her favorites.  Plethora and Famished were two she was particularly fond of.  When other children were saying, “Hung-y, mama”, she was saying, “Mama, I’m famished and parched.  May I have a plethora of MnM’s?”

7) An actual conversation between Lorien and Papa within the last year:

(L0) Kayak is a cool  word ; it’s a palindrome.

(Papa)  True and you know what’s cooler?  It’s like a physical palindrome too because

(Lo and Papa together excitedly)  the actual kayak looks the same forwards and backwards!

Papa and Lo beam in excited satisfaction at their discovery (Mama)  You two are incredible nerds.

8) At the age of three she called me into her room at bedtime because she was frightened.  I was prepared for monsters under the bed or scared of the dark.  I got “Papa, does Eternity scare you?  It scares me.  It’s just so big!”

9) A few y ears later she called me into her bedroom because she was frightened. “How do I know you and Mama aren’t aliens, disguised as my mama and papa to fool me.”  She was completely serious.  I told her we were not aliens and she logically responded, “But that’s exactly what you would say if you were aliens.”

10)Lorien is an amazing beautiful young woman of 21 today and we are blessed that God brought her into our family.

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