2014 Reel Theology: My Oscar Predictions

Drum Roll, camera flashes and a red carpet

It’s Oscar Sunday, which means It’s time for my oscar predictions.

As part of our ongoing contest, if you are able to guess my score, after reading my predictions, you will win movie theater candy from here.

I usually do a mediocre job of guessing each year.  Not terrible, but not great.

I see in my email that I’ve received my brother’s predictions, but not Connor’s yet.  I have not looked at either at the time I make my predictions.

A few worthwhile notes: I have not seen 12 years a Slave nor the Wolf of Wall street.  I personally want Gravity to win everything because I think it was an amazing movie.  Not only was it amazing as a visual art, but so many aspects of the craft really were amazing; the acting, the sound mix, the story, the writing.  Definitely my favorite of the bunch.  (My reaction to that, later today.)

I was going to vote with my heart, then I was going to vote with my head, but ultimately I decided to vote as I felt like it upon reading the ballot as I go.

To paraphrase American Hustle:  Some of this actually reflects what I think.

Ok, without further ado, my predictions.

Best Picture—12 years a slave.  (This is a tough category this year, but I think the clever promotion earns this a few extra guilty/duty votes from the academy. It may in fact totally deserve it, but I haven’t seen it so I can’t really say.  It’s time to click on this link if you want to see what I mean.)

Best Director: David O’Russell (American Hustle).   Russell and Hustle rhyme, so he wins this one.

Best Actor:  Chiwetel Ejiofor, ‘12 Years a Slave’

Best Actress:  Sandra Bullock, ‘Gravity’

Best Supporting Actor:  Barkhad Abdi, ‘Captain Phillips’

Best Supporting Actress: Julia Roberts, ‘August: Osage County’

Best Animated Feature Film: Frozen

Best Foreign Film: Omar

Best Original Screenplay: Nebraska

Best Adapted Screenplay: 12 Years a Slave

Best costume Design: The Invisible Woman (It makes me laugh that something called The Invisible Woman would win costume design.)

Best Original Song: “Let It Go” From ‘Frozen’  (I’ve never heard this song…said no one ever!  If only someone would make a you tube parody or 2 thousand, of it. )

Best Original Score:  John Williams, ‘The Book Thief’ (John.  Williams.)

Best Documentary:  The Square.  (I know zero information about any of these.)

Best Documentary (Short): Karma Has No Walls.  (I want Karma to be nice to me.  Actually when I first read this I thought it said Karma has no watts, which confused and intrigued me.)

Best Makeup and Hairstyling: Dallas Buyers Club

Best Production Design:  Gravity

Best Film Editing:  Gravity

Best Cinemotography:  Nebraska (What’s not to like about lots of black and white images of flat land?)

Best Sound Editing: Gravity

Best Sound Mixing:  Inside Llewyn Davis.  (I am definitely not a fan of the Cohen brothers.  I was so glad they didn’t get best picture nominee this year, so I could just avoid watching this movie.  I picked it here perversely as punishment for my bad attitude about this movie I haven’t seen.)

Best Visual effects:  Gravity.  (Seriously, how could it be anything else?)

Best Short Film (animated): Get a Horse.

Best Short film( Live action):  Aquel No Era Yo (That Wasn’t Me)’  (I actually watched all these, and this was the most engaging, all though I enjoyed them all.)

Ok that’s my roundup.  How do you think I did.  Out of a possible 100 points, how many do you think I got?

Email, FB Comment, or Comment here before 3 pm mountain time.  If you get it right on, you win!

Don’t forget to submit your Oscar Predictions to my contest email dwdwlmm@gmail.com by 1:00 pm Mountain Time

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