2014 Reel Theology: and the winner is…

My own nephew, Joel Megill!

Yaaaaayyyyyyyyy (if there was an emoji for Kermit waving his arms in the air yelling yay, I’d put it here, probably a meme for it somewhere)

My brother, who was not eligible to win, beat Joel by 20 points. That’s was his job and he did it well.

If you are thinking this turned into a bit of a family affair you would be correct, but only because none of you other faithful readers actually entered, other than a bevy of Megills. So don’t blame me that a Megill won. :-). I figure you were all just scared away by the Megill pop culture savvy.

Oh, did I happen to mention, that as usual I did terrible on the predictions?

No one guessed my point value because everyone was too nice and generous and guessed far too high :-).

No one won any of the other contests.

More details, as well as my Seven Themes breakdown in a soon to be released blog post.

Congratulations Joel. You win two movie tickets. I’ll be in touch

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